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A Saturn-Chiron square powerfully supports the deep shadow work that can lead to lasting emotional healing. And a Saturn-Uranus trine invites your ego to productively follow where your intuition leads. Our special feature is a joint appearance with me and my recently discovered twin flame Maeikisala. She's my live-in girlfriend, shamanic partner and apprentice, and so much more! We discuss how our blossoming multidimensional partnership correlates with our synastry relationship astrology.

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You have a 1 in 10 chance. Learn more! Uranus rocks a Libra New Moon in the second half of October, firing up quick-change energy for new beginnings. I also take a brief look at the chart of disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. His horoscope vividly shows what fueled both his rise to power and his alleged serial sexual abuse. Relationship healing is supported by loads of aspects and aspect patterns.

And Uranus and Neptune formalize a three-year agreement to support your accelerated spiritual awakening! I tell her some life-affirming uses for this strong stimulation! Her lunar nodes and Mercury — also a double-angle ruler — are also energized. Learn how she can spin gold from one of 's most powerful aspects! I explain the many meanings of Venus in her chart, and how to optimize the Full Moon energies.

Great American Solar Eclipse! The highly anticipated Great American Solar Eclipse is the undisputed highlight for the second half of August.

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We also have Saturn turning direct, a harmonious Jupiter-Saturn sextile, the Sun entering Virgo … and a boatload of aspect patterns! The eclipse conjoins five natal planets! I give Elisabeth-Anne some tips on taking this intense energy to the high side. A powerful Aquarius lunar eclipse highlights the first half of August.

We also have Mercury turning retrograde, a potent Jupiter-Pluto square, and a cornucopia of high-octane aspect patterns loaded with opportunities!

NEW MOON in Capricorn Astrology Report for January 16, - Rising Woman

Our Part 1 Listener Chart features Danielle. I advise her on the best use of this powerful stimulation! Throw in 11 aspect patterns — T squares, Grand Trines, Kites and more — and we have a very intense and busy half-month! Our Part 1 Listener Chart features Michele. This fiery lunation makes hard aspects to all four of her angles! I advise her on the best use of this New Moon, and explain how the "Law of Three" applies so strongly in this interpretation.

You can also take advantage of a Capricorn Full Moon, a Jupiter-Neptune quincunx, and five different types of aspect patterns! A high-powered Mars-Pluto opposition, and the T-square it's part of, are lining up on Marilee's natal Venus.

Daily Horoscopes For January 16th, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign

In our Part 1 Listener Chart, I tell her how to make the best use of this challenging alignment! So Many T-squares! The second half of June features serious intensity with a boatload of T-squares based on the Saturn-Chiron square and Jupiter-Pluto square. Special feature! Apparently, this is the most definitive and comprehensive book on Hellenistic Astrology ever published. Chris and I spend a juicy hour diving into how Hellenistic Astrology laid the foundation for modern astrology, and how some of its newly rediscovered techniques can enhance a modern astrologer's practice!

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Listen Listen again Continue Playing Listen later Listen later. February Solar Eclipse in Aquarius! December Intense Winter Solstice Chart! December Shout it Out! August Great American Solar Eclipse! For example, because of where the North Node is, we can assume this Eclipse at 16 Capricorn will have similar evolutionary energies as were present in May , the last time the NN was in this part of Cancer.

Also, because 16 Capricorn is where Pluto went stationary retrograde in April , and went back and forth over this degree until November , this Eclipse should take away any bad seeds left over from that period. This will clear the ground for new duties and responsibilities when Saturn crosses this point in February , and again retrograde in late July and early August , and a final time in late October and early November While there are tensions shown by the semisquares, a quincunx, and two significant squares, these should help release the phenomenal potential shown by numerous specializing aspects boosting the forks in the road of destiny indicated by the Eclipse biseptile Uranus and Venus septile Pluto.

Saturn is the wise and understanding guiding hand in this Eclipse, symbolized by a science teacher giving us a lesson in Earth sciences and processes.

We demonstrate these through the house where we have late Capricorn. Remember that some endings are more a blessing than a problem. In the next part of the series, we'll explore how this Eclipse will manifest and its astrological components, including Sabian Symbols, which signs will be most affected, and more on the mixed energies at work in this Partial Solar Eclipse.

This one will show us old karma opening new possibilities, with new identities revealed and Divine Intervention by the Mother Force short-circuiting old karmic patterns through compassion and grace. Those who have prepared to leave behind an old public self will find new recognition and a new understanding of truth and the permanent elements in Life. January 02, Permalink. This eclipse lies on my 1st Cancer and 7th Cap house axis.

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  • The supermoon eclipse in Leo will make you rethink everything—there's no turning back now..
  • I have been anticipating my Saturn return, but it seems that I've been amped! So be it! Love and gratitude for your work Robert. Posted by: Denise January 02, at PM. Can't quite wrap my mind around how to think about this Warm regards from the cold Catskills, M. Posted by: Magenta January 02, at PM. Hi Veronica - So this Lunation will shut down an old Saturn expression, leaving space for new ones to manifest. It would seem that some relationships which are unequal or too rigid will leave.

    You're most welcome, of course. Hi Magenta - "Crossed nodes" happen several times each life, around 9, 27, 45, 63, etc. They indicate periods when we learn by "showing what we know," and release old lines of development. They are times to look at patterns of growth and release, and find entirely different ways to view each.

    Posted by: Robert January 03, at AM.

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