Libra february 3 astrology

Your ability to think big and outside the box, makes you a very attractive person.

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While physical appearances of people born on February 3 can vary widely, their primary appeal is in their sense of possibility. In other words, they are brain candy. You are able to piece things together and figure things out in a way that is often breathtaking and frankly surprising.

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You probably have many experiences of people struggling with a concept for quite sometime, until you came along. With very little effort, you solve their problems.

This, of course, makes you quite a popular person. However, you do tend to get bored very quickly. Unfortunately, when you move on from project to project, you end up not getting much of anything done. These Aquarius natives have a good nature. You tend to get along with other people, you also tend to exude a lot of optimism.

They try to milk you for ideas. They try to take credit for your work. Worst of all, when you fail to deliver on time, they put the spotlight of blame, completely on you. Avoid these people. Instead, look for people to work with and be friends with people who are more forgiving of your foibles. The way it works reflects this very erratic, uncontrollable yet also valuable aspect of air. Uranus is your main planetary influence.

It also means that you are very easily excited. You love your freedom. You like pushing boundaries, reinventing things, and it should not come as a shock that you look at life as one great adventure or puzzle.

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Your big challenge is to apply some sort of structure so that you can end up doing more things with your life as well as delivering things on time. Communication planet Mercury enters creative water sign Pisces on February 10, inspiring you to get organized. Pisces is a sign that goes with the flow—so while Mercury moves through Pisces, keep your schedule flexible to work with the energy and get your work done!

Abrupt shake-ups come to your relationships when Mars meets with Uranus on February A sudden ending may take place. The shit will hit the fan too quickly for you to sweat about hurting their feelings at this time. Mars enters Taurus on February 14, which may again find you cutting off relationships or diving even deeper toward intimacy!

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Only time will tell. Will things ever chill out? Yes, on February 17, your ruling planet Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, creating a whimsical vibe. Unexpected bright ideas come on February 18, when the sun meets genius Uranus and your ruling planet Venus meets Saturn, creating a very grounding, stabilizing energy, especially at home, in your private life, and in your family. A climax takes place: All the ways you have been pushing yourself when you ought to have been caring for yourself catch up to you and you crash.

Libra Week of February 3rd 2013 Horoscope

This is a highly emotional time. Ok, so the big news for this month are the eclipses. For those of you who may be unsure of what eclipses mean, think of them as really, really, really important super, even New and Full Moons. Except, the difference between an eclipse and a regular New or Full Moon is that eclipses tend to bring sharp and fast changes that can often feel like a crisis or emotional upheaval of sorts, and unlike a regular New or Full Moon, eclipse energy lasts for a full six months. The eclipses of this month: one on March 8th in Pisces Solar and the other on March 23rd in Libra Lunar pick up where the Virgo and Aries eclipses of September left off.

Eclipses come in pairs and wil set off a chain of events or at the very least heighten our attention in two very connected areas of our lives; for example: career and family. The purpose of eclipses is to keep us moving, keep us growing, and to help us with a shot of tough love to let go of anything holding us back. People often report feeling the effects of an eclipse myself included up to a week or so before it actually happens.

Here is your horoscope for February 3, 12222

Since eclipses have to do with the very emotional energy of the Moon, I usually advise people to get all the rest, nourishment, and comfort they can get around this time. Eclipses can be tough on the body and spirit.

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But when that medicine they deliver kicks in, we become all the more better for it. Eclipses in Pisces tend to highlight what we need to release and heal, when we need to listen to intuition, engage compassion, and dream big. Solar Eclipses spark beginnings and fresh starts. Those of us with planets or angles look to your birth chart near degrees of Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Pisces will be most strongly affected. Eclipses in Libra tend to highlight where we need to be more diplomatic, gracious, and balanced in our relationships.

Lunar Eclipses signal endings and culminations. Those of us with planets or angles near degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn will be most affected. Incidentally, this eclipse will be the final eclipse of the Aries-Libra pairing which began back in October , and took place again in April , October , March and September Think back to see what epiphanies or actions may have been triggered at that time. This is eclipse will be the final chapter of the story. Still, the eclipses won't be the only things happening this month.

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